MV KNOCK - Nasty Nasty

(MV) Nasty Nasty(네스티네스티) (KEVIN(케빈), KYEONG REE(경리), SO JIN(소진)) _ KNOCK(노크)

On September 3rd 2014, KEVIN from ZE:A, KYEONG REE from 9MUSES, and SO JIN, a rookie from Star Empire to debut in 2015, formed a special unit and put themselves up for a challenge.

The unit’s name, ‘Nasty Nasty’, comes from the American slang ‘Nasty’, a word used to describe something sexy and ridiculously good. So as a sexy and ridiculously talented unit, KEVIN, KYEONG REE, and SO JIN decided to call themselves ‘Nasty Nasty.’

Nasty Nasty’s title song ‘KNOCK’ is an enchanting dance number with dreamy saxophone sounds combined with clean drum beats. KEVIN’s rhythmical voice mixed with KYEONG REE and SO JIN’s sexy vocals, singing about knocking and tapping into each other’s hearts, makes this song as catchy as it is.

MV KNOCK - Nasty Nasty

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